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    • Become a Client

      Why choose Summit Food Service

      Summit Food Service is a valued partner to 3,500 businesses in the foodservice sector.
      The company distributes 14,000 food and non-food products in Ontario and Western Quebec.
      It is firmly established in its geographical market and maintains profitable business relationships with its suppliers and customers.
      If you are a supplier or operate a retail or foodservice business, we would like to get to know you better.

      Colabor Group

      Summit Food Service is a division of Colabor Group, a leading distributor of food products and related products in Ontario and western Quebec. With a catalogue of 50,000 products, Colabor can meet all of your business’s needs for food and non-food products.
      By choosing Summit Food Service, you enjoy the many benefits provided by a vast group with multiple resources.

      We would be please to assess your needs and discuss how we can help you become succesful.
      Please call us: 1-800-265-9267

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      Summit Food Service is a division of Colabor